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Got Goats
May 9, 2009, 7:05 am
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The whole reason we wanted to get some land was so that I could raise Cashmere goats for their fiber.  I have always found spinning fascinating and Jon got me lessons for our anniversary a couple of years ago.  My dream was partially realized two weeks ago when we picked up the first two goats.

Shannon with her toy pile

Shannon with her toy pile

This is Shannon, so named as she was born on March 17th, 2005.  She is sunning herself contentedly near the toy pile that Jon and Thomas made for them.  Goats are pretty smart for ruminants and can easily get into mischief if they’re not sufficiently occupied.

We purchased two does, a wether and a doeling.  Since goats can be kind of nasty to each other if you introduce a single one into the herd, we left one of the does with the breeder so that when the doeling is weaned we can pick the two of them up together and reintroduce them to the other two and hopefully avoid some caprine nastiness.



This is James.  He was originally named Diamond Jim, but the kids “shortened” it.  He is so cute!  He will come bounding up to you when you call him just like a dog.  His baby coat is unbelievably soft and dense.

We’ll be picking up Carmen and Lola next weekend.  I’ll get some pictures of the four of them together and post them later.



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