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August 5, 2010, 3:42 pm
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We welcomed a little Jersey heifer calf to our farm about three weeks ago.  If all goes as planned, we will have a full-grown cow in milk to keep her company in the not too distant future.  🙂

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She’s beautiful! Can we do a field trip some time to see her and learn how to milk her?

Comment by Paula Rutherford

Good looking calf. Milk cow beats a milk bottle or bucket any day 🙂
Me and my daughter are in the process of feeding out 2 Holstein steers now.
In my little part of the world I have found it best to save a bit of money up and wait until people need/want Christmas money and buy yearling calf’s at a real bargain price and finish them out on pasture and a bit of supplement feed near that magic 900 pound weight class.

Good luck and most of all have fun!

Comment by pobept

Sure, Paula. You’ll have to wait about 2 years for the one in the picture and the other one isn’t here yet but we’ll let you know when she is!

‘Pobept’, haven’t got into beef yet but I’m sure it’s in our future. If she adopts the calf, that’ll be a bonus. We’re planning to keep her as a family milk cow. Cheese cow. Butter cow. Ice cream cow. 🙂

Comment by citygirlfarmer

Ok, we’ll be there August 12, 2012, say noonish? Can we bring something to share for luncheon? 🙂

Comment by Paula Rutherford

Grinning… OK she will be a a milker, I have got old and lazy, don’t want to milk twice a day and haven’t tried cheese making. I’ll look into that. I have a Barbados ewe, maybe sheep cheese, I do like Greek feta cheese.

Comment by pobept

She’s a little pearler….I’m glad you got another little Jersey…..Ive got 4 of my girls springing at the moment so I should have 4 new babies in the next 2-3 weeks…Then another 8 to calve in the next 10 weeks…My girls are in calf to a beef bull….the calves tend to take after the beef side of their genes….Hope you do get your milker…Take care and safe travels….Sandra

Comment by sandra

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