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Less Wind; More Rain
April 9, 2011, 7:26 pm
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I was reading the Farmer’s Almanac last year in which I learned that Ember Days were used to predict the weather for the succeeding season. Ember Days are part of the ancient western Christian liturgical calendar and they were penitential days that corresponded more or less with the change of season. I recorded the weather on last year’s winter Ember Days and on this spring’s Ember Days and it is not looking good for water if the predictor is true.

And just out of the blue the other day, a friend told me her mother said that potatoes needed to be in the ground by Good Friday. Yikes! I’ve got to get busy with that garden!

I find the gardening sources that make reference to religious feast days quite fascinating. I’d like to get hold of a monastic gardening book. Any of my readers know of one?

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Oh my goodness! I don’t know of one, but if you hear of one, let me know!

Potatoes in by Good Friday? I had better get cracking!

So how does the Ember Day predictor work?

Comment by Paula

The weather for the following 3 months is supposed to be represented by the 3 ember days. The ember days in March were dry and windy. I would say that has been an accurate predictor for how it has been here. I’ll make note again next season.

Comment by littletoe

Of course, you realize, this is Colorado. Every day is dry and windy. ;o)

Comment by Paula

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