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Cow Shares Available Now!
February 8, 2013, 2:57 pm
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Heifer calf born November 3rd

Well, we have decided to take the dive and do a cow share program at City Girl Farm.  I have been hesitant because we only have Tiddles, our family cow, not a herd of dairy cattle.  That makes the risk for the shareholders a little higher since if something were to go wrong and her lactation ended, there aren’t other cows there to take over.  On the other hand she produces what a herd of 5 or 6 goats produce so there is plenty of milk!  Plus, nothing beats fresh Jersey milk.  It’s the best!  But my children are getting older (one is gone half the time) and we just can’t drink enough milk, make enough cheese, butter and yogurt to keep up with what she produces after having calved in November.

I also see I owe an apology to the people who followed me for having fallen of the planet the last year.  For those of you who care, here are my (pathetic) excuses:

  • lost one farm hand to school and then to work
  • lost another farm hand to a European vacation last summer
  • attended sacred music training last summer
  • became the choir director at my church

Ah!  I fear I will always be torn between the city and the farm.  Glad to be back, though. 🙂

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Comment by Paula

Hi Paula,

$50/share (refunded when you stop), $20 annual jar fee, $60/mo/share boarding fee. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the paperwork.

Comment by littletoe

I think you are good at both your “jobs”. All the best to you on your new endeavor.

Comment by Barb

Just got done chatting with the WAPF Eastern Plains chapter leader and that while my share price was right on, my boarding fee was too high. For some reason I can’t fathom (although my guess would be because of economies of scale a “real”dairy herd would offer), cow’s milk is not worth the same as goats milk, so I will be dropping my boarding fee from $60/mo/share to $44/mo/share. I will also drop the share price for a limited time to get new share holders.

Comment by littletoe

do you still have milk shares available, and how much milk do you get a week?

Comment by gary

Hi Gary,

Yes, we have a few more shares available. I assume when you ask how much milk we get a week, you are not asking how much Tiddles produces, but rather how much one share of milk entitles you to. One share is about a gallon a week. I hope I answered the question you intended!

Comment by littletoe

That is awesome, Rachel! We get people from time to time (since we still have a goat share program) who ask for raw cow’s milk shares. May I send them your direction? I actually wasn’t sure ANYone had cow shares anymore locally… even though I know of a few goat share programs… I just helped another family out here get started in the goat share program. This is wonderful news! And, I am very pleased to hear you are choir director… I’m sure the choir sounds amazing 😉

Many blessings,
Shalimamma at

Comment by shalimamma

PS I can advertise for you at my couple of sites as well, if you like. But only if you want traffic… I like keeping my share program veeeeeerrrrrry small. 😉

Comment by shalimamma

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