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Killer Chickens
November 11, 2009, 3:38 pm
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Most people think of chickens as being among the benign farm animals, but not so!  Today I went out to feed them and saw a gopher skin on the floor of the coop.  The gopher had been opened up like a hard candy and his skin discarded like a cellophane wrapper.  It looked a little like a miniature bearskin rug.  The chickens had eaten everything out of the skin and that caused me to wonder about egg carton labels that claim their chickens are “vegetarian fed”.  I guess ours are vegetarian fed, too, because the feed I give them is 100% vegetable matter.  If you count what they feed themselves, though, I doubt anyone who raises chickens can honestly claim they are “vegetarian fed”—unless they post guards to make the bad chickens spit out the bugs and rodents they ingest.   Just sayin’….