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Update on the Accident
December 30, 2008, 5:53 pm
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Minivan in the tow yard

Minivan in the tow yard

I spoke to the state trooper this afternoon and found out some things.  The driver who hit us was arrested in his home by two state patrol officers.  He was passed out on his couch when they found him and so seriously inebriated that they could not leave him alone when they were done.  They found open alcohol containers in his car and his home.  His car keys were in his pocket.  That was nice since he won’t be able to claim that some drunk person (not him) stole his car and ran into us.  He refused blood alcohol testing which apparently a person has a right to do in the state of Colorado, however it results in an automatic one year suspension of your driver’s license.  If he is caught driving without a license he will go straight to jail and have to post a $10, 000 bond.

He was driving a black jeep and his car was damaged in a way very similar to ours.  His airbag deployed which spared him facial injuries the officer believes he would have received without its protection.  Apparently he bumped his left knee on the dashboard and otherwise escaped with minor injuries, much as we did.  The driver of the car we were knocked into was unhurt and was able to drive his car home.

The driver who caused the accident was insured and did not have a Colorado license.  The officer found out that he had had his license suspended in another state.

Unfortunately, I’m still suffering mentally and that information combined with what I know about recitivism in drunk drivers does not contribute to my sense of safety on the road.  Am I too cynical in believing that he will do it again, without a license and without insurance next time?