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Harvesting Lettuce Seed
October 21, 2010, 6:15 pm
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I’m afraid my garden suffered from its usual late summer neglect as I burned out on weeding and making my children weed early in August.  Most of my lettuce did not come up or was killed by the days of hot winds we had in the spring.  Despite the awful growing conditions prevalent in my garden this year, some plants came up and actually produced.  I decided since the garden was already suffering from a great deal of neglect, that would let those plants go to seed and see if I could save the seed for next year’s garden, which will be in square foot boxes!

Lettuce that has gone to seed

When lettuce seed is ready to harvest, little tufts that are somewhat reminiscent of dandelion seed will appear at the top of the plant.   If you pluck those you will find that they are rooted in a tiny cup full of lettuce seed.

I gathered some and put them in ziploc bags for use next year.  Check back next spring to see the results of my first seed saving project.  Who needs Monsanto, eh?

Lettuce seed still on the plant

Lettuce seed