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Set the Sparrow Free
August 6, 2009, 9:07 am
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Much more feathered out

Much more feathered out

We set Sylvester the Sparrow free.  We knew it was time when he would try to fly out of the cage when we fed him.   We have 5 indoor predators, three of which are particularly dangerous and we knew we couldn’t keep him in the cat carrier forever (although Thomas had already suggested a birdcage and a new pet.)

We went out the front door to set him free and then saw one of the barn cats walking right by the porch and decided that maybe setting him free from the balcony was a better idea.

We put him on the deck rail.  From there he flew to my shoulder, then to the nearest tree where had a very tenuous hold on a tiny branch, from there to the roof and finally to a “real” branch on a nearby tree.  Haven’t seen him since and have to confess I miss him a little.  Here are some more pictures.

Rescuing a Sparrow
July 31, 2009, 8:20 am
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This is what he looked like when we picked him up

Thomas found a sparrow that had fallen out of the nest one morning a few days ago when we were feeding the chickens.  It was half naked and the feathers it did have were seriously under-developed.    Thomas asked if we could try to save it and I said “Sure.”  What was I supposed to say?  “No, son.  We’re just going to let this little bird die of exposure and be eaten by the chickens.”   It occurred to me after feeding it several times a day that once we set it loose, it’ll probably get eaten anyway.  Oh well.


Hungry bird

We brought it inside and Juliana named him Sylvester.  It could be Sylvestra.  We can’t even sex chickens around here, let alone sparrows.   What do you expect from a city girl?   We had to rename two of our pullets when they turned out to be roosters.  Goldilocks became Goldicocks and Aurelia became Aurelio.  But I digress…

We have decided that when he can fly we’ll set him out in a cage on top of the swamp cooler with a little food and hope he figures out how to fly away and get his own food.

Feeding him with a dropper

Feeding him with a dropper

Looking a little better.  Maybe half way there?

Looking a little better. Maybe half way there?