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Update on the Square Foot Garden
October 21, 2010, 5:39 pm
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It’s working and I’m sold.  If you recall, this garden was planted sometime during the second half of August (!) just so I could try it and see.  The empty spaces you see in the picture are where the radishes that have already been harvested were planted.  Thanks to the great weather we’ve had this fall (finally WE got some of the global warming), the green beans are even producing!

First square foot garden

Green beans in October

New Garden Idea
August 7, 2010, 4:57 pm
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I’m so excited to try this and so happy to have heard about it. A gardener friend of mine turned me on to this and if half what the book promises is true, my gardening career is saved.

I love fresh produce and each year for several years I have planted a small garden. Each year in August I finally give up overcome by the weeding task. I never plant a fall garden. Each year I wonder if it’s worth it. We have such a short growing season and we are not blessed with an abundance of water.

Just as I was counting the cost once again, these were the promises I found:

  • little or no weeding
  • 50% less water
  • 5 times the harvest of the equivalent space in a traditional garden

So the boy and I put it together yesterday, mixed the soil and planted for the fall.

New square foot garden

I’m excited to see if all my gardening dreams come true.  If they do, we’ll build a bunch!